5 great ways to remember precious moments

Over at The Baby & Toddler Show HQ we have put some suggestions together on how to create meaningful and long-lasting keepsakes after the arrival of your baby.

Although the first few months after your baby’s arrival are likely to be hectic, the following years will pass by swiftly. You may want keepsakes to remember the milestones of your child’s development and there are many charming and meaningful ways to document your little one growing up.

Here are just a few suggestions:

1. Get a print, casting, impression or clay imprint of your baby’s feet or hands. This makes for a lovely keepsake as well as looking nice up on the wall or mantelpiece.

2. Take photos. An obvious but nevertheless wonderful way of preserving memories. In the first few months it’s a great idea to take regular photos to see how much they’ve grown; make a dedicated time to be sure you don’t forget as it will be a stage in their life you will want to treasure.
Or… Get professional photos taken. Another popular option as it offers parents high quality photos that last forever. Take a look at our exhibitors to find some excellent photographers who specialise in newborn, baby and family photography.
Remember to make the most of your photography; order multiple prints and send them out to the family or get a canvas print to display in your home.

3. Recycle your baby’s outgrown babygrows and clothes into special and unique keepsakes. If you’re handy with a needle and thread create a memory quilt using squares of fabric from old clothes or socks. If you aren’t so stitch savvy there are companies who produce quality teddy bears or other toy animals for you when you post your fabrics to them. With this keepsake there is a lengthy list of products to be made – quilts, teddies, toys, cushions, wall hangings or even Christmas stockings; take your pick.

4. Make a scrapbook. Although time-consuming a scrapbook can be a nice way to keep special memories all in one place; include photos, messages or you and your baby’s hospital bracelets. It may make a nice present for when your child is older.
Create a digital scrapbook where you can share memories with loved ones online. You can also connect with your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

5. Create a memory box. A step up from a scrapbook is a memory box where you can keep little treasures; for example, your baby’s first babygrow or other small items such as gloves, shoes or toys.
Alternatively, mount small items in a glass case to produce a shadow box; perfect for an old toy or their first shoes.