Bristol Show

  • 11-12 February 2023

  • Bristol


About the show

Taking place at Ashton Gate in Bristol - the show is the ultimate location for new and expectant parents in the South West, bringing together everything you need to give your baby the best start, all under one roof.

We remain focussed on providing the safest environment so you can shop safely and find unbeatable deals on all the top brands. We continue to work closely with the venue to ensure the safety of our attendees at all times, and will be following all guidance in place at the time of the show.

Over 150 Brands

Find all the top brands as well as 100s of unique and useful products you won’t find on the high street

Best Prices Guaranteed

Save money with our best price guarantee on pushchairs, car seats & furniture from all the top brands

Expert Advice

Hear from expert speakers on subjects including birth, sleeping, nutrition, babywearing and more

Expert Demos & support

Watch product demos and ask the brands your questions

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So… what is a birth plan?

When we make plans, be that for a holiday, a wedding or a night out – what is the first thing that we do? We explore the options available to us. Doing this for birth is just as important. Claire Smith from the Birthing Parents Club explains what a birth plan is and how to write one yourself.

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Creating a Positive Birth Mindset with Affirmations

Super straightforward, completely free and with the potential to have a really powerful effect on your subconscious, Clare Smith from the Birthing Parents Club talks through the merits of affirmations and how you can use them throughout your pregnancy and birth.

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Handbag Hazards!

Before having children not many people think about the contents of their handbag. Daisy First Aid’s Kirsty talks you through the everyday hazards that might be lurking in your bag and the dangers they poise to young children and babies.

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Sprain or Fracture?

Having worked Clinical Scientist specialising in microbiology for the NHS for 15 years, as well as being a mum to two children, Daisy First Aid’s Kirsty writes this weeks blog post on tell tale signs of sprained or fractured bones, and the important first-aid steps you should take if you suspect your child is suffering from one of them.

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What is ‘normal’ really when it comes to Newborns?

There is a lot of information out there about Birth. But what about when baby is here? Dawn Smith from The Daisy Foundation East Dunbartonshire, shares an insight to the ‘4th trimester’ along with some nuggets of wisdom or advice Daisy Mum’s wished they had known before baby was here. 

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Understanding Your Baby’s Skin

Joanna and Dr Jennifer Crawley, a consultant for Childs Farm and head of paediatric dermatology at University College Hospital London, share some facts about newborn skin that will help you to ensure baby’s comfort in their first few months.

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Five Top Tips to Prepare for Birth

Midwife Pip works with women to help them prepare for birth and beyond. From antenatal classes to pregnancy exercises, nutrition specialist advice and postnatal support services, Midwife Pip helps pregnant women prepare for birth and beyond! Read her top tips as your birth date nears…

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Which Wipes are the most Eco-Friendly?

Pura make being eco-friendly that little bit easier with their baby changing essentials, including their plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable baby wipes. Find out more about how harmful disposable wipes are and why you should make the change today!

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The Key to a Great Birth Experience

Hypnobirthing practioner, Anja Moncrieff teaches hypnobirthing online and in-person to couples all over the world. So if your birth date is right around the corner, read on to find out more about achieving a positive birth experience…

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5 Easy Plastic Swaps that you can Make Today!

It’s no secret that our show partner Pura are fighting the war on plastic with their eco-friendly, biodegradable, plastic-free baby changing essentials. ⁠Find out more about how you can start making small changes that have a big impact on the planet today!

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