Glasgow Expert Advice Workshop Speakers

Hands Free and Happy; Baby Carrying is for Everyone!

Emily Williamson,Baby-Carrying Consultant, Izmi

Emily Williamson is an experienced Baby-Carrying Consultant and the Izmi baby-carrier designer. Emily discovered baby-carriers when her son was born and after experiencing all the benefits of hands-free parenting. She then set up what is the now one of the busiest and long-established Sling Libraries in the UK, South London Sling Library.

Over the years, Emily trained with 3 Babywearing schools; The School of Babywearing, Slingababy and Canadian Babywearing School. She also delivered accredited training for The School of Babywearing and became a UK member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) & the British Association of Babywearing Instructors (BABI). She has helped thousands of parents with her collection of over 500 different baby-carriers in her Sling Library.

Armed with her knowledge and experience Emily spotted a gap in the market for a lightweight hybrid carrier which offered the soft snugness of a wrap but the convenience of buckles; the idea for Izmi was born.

Your Feeding Options

Katie Hilton, MAM consultant midwife

Katie Hilton graduated from Staffordshire University with an RN Dip HE in Adult Nursing. She then went on to gain her BSc Hons Midwifery. Katie worked as a Midwife in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire and Cambridge before relocating to Vancouver in Canada. Katie spent this time working as a Registered Perinatal Nurse at a busy downtown hospital splitting her time between Labour Delivery Postpartum and the Neonatal Unit. On returning to the UK Katie continued to work as a Midwife, predominately in Labour & Delivery before completing her MSc SCPHN Health Visitor at the University of Wolverhampton. Throughout her career, Katie has gained a wide myriad of experience in all areas of obstetrics, child and family health. Katie has a great passion for midwifery and health visiting and is an avid believer in facilitating choice. She has always supported women and families with their decisions throughout pregnancy, labour & delivery, postnatal period and into childhood. Katie is currently the Expert Midwife & Health Visitor for MAM working alongside the brand to support parents & families.

Baby First Aid

Tania Cheney, British Red Cross

Tania is a first aid educator at the British Red Cross, delivering learning to thousands of parents across the UK. She joined the charity in 2015, specialising in first aid learning for parents, grandparents and carers. She believes that first aid is an essential skill for anyone who cares for a baby or child. By delivering free first aid taster sessions at The Baby & Toddler Show, Tania hopes to help parents and expectant parents learn vital skills for how to deal with febrile seizures, burns and choking, so they will be ready to act in an emergency should they ever need to.

Toddler Sense – Interactive Session

The Toddler Sense Team, Lanarkshire and South Glasgow Sensory

Toddler Sense is packed with fabulous activities and adventures to help your toddler burn off excess energy and develop vital skills that form the foundation of all future learning. Our fabulous and unique play area is not only a great place to play, but the equipment encourages a wide range of skills from social, physical, emotional, creative, intellectual, imagination and heaps more!

Smart ways to keep your family warm and well

Lilian Delaney, Home Energy Scotland

For Home Energy Scotland from Scottish Government, Lilian Delaney has been delivering free, impartial energy advice energy advice for almost ten years, helping householders, families and communities save energy and money, and keep warm and well. Benefit from a range of support available including information about funding available for new boilers, insulation and heating systems.

Baby Sensory – Interactive Session

The Baby Sensory Team, Lanarkshire and South Glasgow Sensory

What makes Baby Sensory unique is that every activity has been carefully designed to stimulate your baby’s senses and move development and learning forwards. Behind every session, is a researched plan detailing everything your baby touches, sees, hears, smells and feels. Designed to stimulate, educate and provide precious memories during the all-important first year of life.