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Loveyush London
Loveyush Nursing Scarf – Multi Award winning Loveyush Nursing scarf is easy to wear and care. An Essential Fashion accessory for a modern mum. Doubles up as a sun-shade for car-seat and pram.

Mia Tui
Minnie Amelie – Minnie Amelie Changing bag is designed to make life a little easier, these stylish bags will take you through the baby years and beyond.

The Snugglebundl – Keep baby snug and warm and asleep even when you move them (including from car seats!). The multi award winning snugglebundl wrap has extra strong handles to lift and lay your baby without disturbing whilst caring for your back too.

Crumbs Away Ltd
FUNtastic Ladybird Crumb Collector – FUNtastic ladybird crumb collectors really do make cleaning fun and save time getting out the vacuum just roll them side-to-side, watch the crumbs disappear, children think it’s magic! Also great for lego, and pet hair.

Baby hand and foot 3d casting and 2d outprints – Come along to see how we take a 3d casting or 2d outprint of your baby’s tiny hands and feet to create a beautiful keepsake.

Milkysnugz – Milkysnugz help dads/partners get involved with breastfed babies so they can build a bond from the start too. They also help aid feeding transitions, from breast to bottle to sipper spouts to sports cap bottles.

Pop-in V2 Reusable Nappy – Pop-in V2 reusable nappy – The Pop-in is a reliable and easy to use reusable nappy that comes in a range of colours and funky prints and a choice of either Bamboo or Minkee fabric inside.

Caboo + organic carrier – Caboo + organic is our original, award winning baby carrier.  Simple to use, it allows parents to get on with their day ‘hands free’ whilst caring for their little one.

Haberman Suckle Feeder – Designed for those who want to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding or who aren’t breastfeeding.  Now your baby can suckle just like natural feeding and won’t have to learn a different way to feed!

Haberman 2-phase electronic breast pump – A professional support in solving lactation problems, this hospital endorsed pump maps the natural course of the two-phases of milk production.

HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® – HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® potty training pants, with their fun Disney® graphics, offer a unique and practical approach to potty training. The only potty training pant equipped to help children learn the difference between wet and dry, the pants draw moisture away slowly, as well as having fading graphics to help children recognise when they are wet. Unlike nappies and other pull up style alternatives, HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® potty training pants are a great educational tool for children to use throughout the training process. They pull up and down easily and look and feel more like pants, making them perfect for the transitional stage between nappies and big boy and girl pants.

gNappies – Redefining Disposables
gPants& Inserts – gNappies are award-winning, breathable nappies that are comfy for baby, easy for parents, and gentle on the planet. Not to mention colourful and gorgeous for your gorgeous bundle.

Vital Baby
Nurture range, Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water  & Vital Baby Unbelievabowl – The World’s Strongest Suction Bowl! – Simple and easy to attach, once securely locked in position your baby will not be able to remove the bowl or spill its contents , making mealtimes less stressful and messy!

Vital Baby
Nurture as a range – To include the Nurture Breast Like Feeding Bottles, Nurture Breast Pads and Nurture Health & Safety Kit
Breast Like Feeding Bottles
– Specially designed with the most natural shaped, super  soft and flexible teat to mimic mum’s breast, helping to make combining breast and bottle feeding simple.
Breast Pads – Our ultra slim disposable breast pads are thin and discreet whilst offering ultra-absorbency. The unique 3D shape has been specifically designed for a more comfortable and discreet fit providing complete protection.
Health & Safety Kit – This handy baby health & safety kit comes in a hygienic case and includes essentials such as a Bath & Room Thermometer, Flexisafe Fever Alarm Thermometer and Nasal Decongester.

Vital Baby
Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water – Aquaint is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL Cleansing Water that also kills 99.9% of Bacteria in seconds. Water and a natural acid (Hypochlorous Acid) produced in the human body are the only ingredients

Baby Hoodie Travel Wrap – The safest and easiest way to keep your baby at the correct temperature on your travels

Playtoes Baby Shoes
The Bumble Bee & The Butterfly – Playtoes are a range of sensory pram shoes designed to stimulate baby’s senses. Using bright colours, different textures and sounds they rattle and crinkle to keep your baby entertained.

Mei-Tai (Deluxe) – A stylish versatile carrier that is great for carrying newborns or older children alike, with wide straps and padded waistband – the ByKay Mei-Tai (Deluxe) is available in the ByKay signature denim/linen mix.