Nurofen for Children

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“9 out of 10 mums who use Nurofen for Children would recommend it to a friend.”

Introducing Nurofen for Children

Like so many mums and dads you probably recognise the famous Nurofen target symbol. You might also know that Nurofen is one of the best selling brands of ibuprofen pain relief**.

** Nielsen value sales data MAT w/e 17/08/2013

Ibuprofen for Children

After the success of Nurofen we realised something was missing. Many parents used Nurofen for themselves and trusted the brand, but they couldn’t give it to their children. After listening to parents needs and concerns we launched the first ibuprofen-based pain relief for children. This ibuprofen was launched as Nurofen for Children in 1999.

Nurofen for Children is an effective and fast-working treatment for pain and fever reduction. In fact, nothing helps relieve your baby’s fever faster or for longer than Nurofen for Children. Did you know that Nurofen for Children:

  • Starts to work in just 15 minutes to bring down a temperature
  • Relieves fever for up to 8 hours and is clinically proven to last longer than paracetamol
  • Treats pain from those little tumbles, earache and relieves the fever associated with teething
  • Is the best-selling Ibuprofen suspension for children**
  • Is available in a choice of flavours – orange or strawberry
  • Is sugar and colour free
  • Comes with a free easy dosing device, which helps make giving the correct dose to your child simple

* by mums to their friend, a survey by Mum’s View of 225 mums.

** Nurofen for Children Strawberry/Orange 3 months to 12 years. For babies and children from 3 months (weighing over 5kg). Contains ibuprofen. Always read the label.

*** Nielsen value sales data MAT w/e 17/08/2013

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The Confidence Collective Kit

Nurofen for Children have created a helpful and informative ‘Confidence Collective Kit’ for new and soon to be parents to get all the child health advice they need as well as insight from the ‘Confidence Collective’ ambassadors, medical experts and parents just like you.

The Confidence Collective Kit will help to answer all your questions, with snippets of useful information and advice. Nurofen for Children hope that by introducing parents to The Confidence Collective Kit, parents will progressively develop a feeling of ‘collective confidence’ amongst a network of like-minded parents.

To view the ‘Confidence Collective Kit’ use this link.