RLSS UK Baby Academy

The RLSS UK is offering 30 minute first aid sessions throughout the show, free of charge.

Would you know what to do if a baby stopped breathing? Save A Baby’s Life is one of the community workshops offered by the Royal Life Saving Society UK in which participants learn about; Infant life support (CPR), infant drowning (diagnosis and treatment) and infant choking (diagnosis and treatment). The workshop is great for anyone who may be caring for a baby: parents, grandparents – anyone! The workshop is not vocational, but educational. It offers participants peace of mind and reassurance that they would know what’s best to do if a baby in their care stopped breathing, was drowning, or choking.

The Royal Life Saving Society UK is running free of charge, drop-in sessions offering first aid advice for babies.

Learn about; infant life support (CPR), drowning and choking diagnosis and treatment. This feature is located just inside the main entrance.