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Hands Free and Happy; Baby Carrying is for Everyone!

Emily Williamson – Cheeky Rascals

Find out how being carried in a sling, wrap or carrier supports your baby’s development and just how easy they are to use for mums and dads. Best of all; learn how ‘hands-free’ baby carrying lets you do so much more, from day one!

About the Speaker: Emily Williamson, from the South London Sling Library, is one of the UK’s leading experts in babywearing and she has made it her mission to help parents realise just how accessible and liberating using a sling, wrap or carrier can be. Now, she’s bringing her knowledge and experience to The Baby & Toddler Show – come and hear about all the benefits of babywearing for you, and your children.


Save a Baby’s life. Chill out and learn to save a life at The Baby & Toddler Show

Kate Naylor/Jaime Welsh/Kim Baker – Bumps & Bashes First Aid

Bumps & Bashes, who specialise in training First aid for parents & carers of babies & children, will be on stage demonstrating practical first aid, which may save a baby or child’s life.

About the Speaker: Fully qualified first aid trainers/assessors.  Being mums of small children and having a huge interest in child safety, each trainer is passionate that this is a life skill every parent needs to learn.  This is why Bumps & Bashes teaches practical first aid from a parents point of view.


A Sensory Approach to Baby Toddler Sleep

Cheshire Baby Whisperer – Evelyn Burdon

All babies use their senses when the drift off to sleep and each sense will become a sleep Association. A Sensory approach to baby toddler sleep will create an environment that is relaxing and soothing and babies learn to how to self settle and sleep to their age related sleep potential.

About the Speaker: Evelyn studied and worked as a Midwife and health visitor. Since her retirement she has focused all her energies in helping parents with baby/toddler sleep problems. She supports parents by making home visits in the Cheshire area or gives advice and support on the phone or email. She has written a sleep book entitled Ultimate Sleep Guide for Babies and toddlers.


How To Have a Positive Birth Experience: The Things Every Woman Should Know

Oldham Hypnobirthing – Alison Prestidge

Alison will discuss why women are afraid of giving birth (even if they have never experienced it before) and the impact of this on their bodies and their babies. She will talk you through the tools and techniques you can use in order to increase your chances of a gentle and natural birth.

About the Speaker: Alison is a HypnoBirthing mum. She used HypnoBirthing for the birth of her child and following that decided to train to be a HypnoBirthing Instructor.  Alison now teaches the skills and techniques so that more women and their birthing companions can have empowering birth experiences, and hopefully take “the world by calm”!


Parenting Problems and Solutions in the First Three Years

Lulu – A Parent’s Fairy Godmother Lucinda Rose

Lucinda’s talk focuses on common behavioural issues that arise in the first three years of raising a child and offers practical solutions and tips to help parents manage their child’s behaviour. Lucinda can spend up to a week at a time with a family observing their situation and teaching parents to implement solutions that suit the needs of that family, she then continues to support the family from afar via phone, email and Skype to ensure the parent’s feel fully confident in their ability and parenting.

About the Speaker: Lucinda Rose is a dedicated parental consultant and child behaviour specialist.  Lucinda originally trained as a nanny and maternity nurse specialising in newborns, babies and toddlers before completing both a degree and master’s degree in psychology and working in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.  Lucinda now works with parents who are finding their child’s behaviour challenging using her knowledge and experience to give practical solutions and support.  Lucinda has helped families throughout the UK and has been nicknamed ‘A Parent’s Fairy Godmother’.