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Best apps for mums

Best apps for mums

Having a child is life changing and the first few months of your little one’s arrival is likely to be hectic with getting your new addition settled and with all of your family and friends coming to visit. Many mums are now turning to technology to make life easier, so we wanted to put together our list of top apps which you can download to help you at this exciting new time in your life.

1. British Red Cross baby and child First Aid app

When you become a mum you are not going to be an expert on all thing baby related. While you may know what to do to help another adult who is ill, often the advice is different when it comes to children. This British Red Cross app is an easy way to learn about first aid care for babies and children, it is a free app with useful videos, animations and tips, packed with quizzes and tests to build up your knowledge. You can also record your child’s medication and any allergies in/on the app.

2. Baby feeding app

Sometimes during those night-time feeds it is hard to keep track of what you are doing. By using this app you can track breast, bottle or solid feeds to keep an eye on when and how much your baby is eating. Downloading a baby feeding app helps you keep track of those night time feeds, with some apps letting you track things like which breast you last fed from, any pumping sessions and how much you have stored in the fridge or freezer. There are quite a few baby feeding apps available offering a similar service and a few of the crowd favourites are iBaby Feed Timer app, Baby Nursing app and ParentLove app.

3. NCT Baby change app

Arguably one of the most talked about apps for parents in the UK. Being out and needing the toilet is not fun for adults let alone if you need to change your baby. NCT baby change app helps you to locate changing facilities to use in your surrounding area. Its aim is to take the stress away from being out of the house. The app relies on parents providing feedback on changing facilities after use and adding any new locations to the map. Using GPS you can see what facilities are active near you and also how other parents have rated them.

4. Cozi app

Having a new baby can throw the family schedule out of the window, so the Cozi app has been created to help keep you on track. It is a family planning app for you to log all of your important plans from swimming lessons to when you need to pay the bills – this app can hold it all. It allows all members of the family to access features such as the household shopping list, a day-to-day planner, meal planner and a to-do list. All you have to do is download the app and login to your family account!

5. Baby Monitor 3G app

This app allows you to turn any connected device into a baby monitor. It acts as a live audio and video baby monitor over Wi-Fi or mobile data and claims to have unlimited reach working in a similar way to FaceTime or Skype. Other features include an activity log allowing you to see how active you baby has been, multi-parent support meaning multiple parents can monitor their baby at once, lullabies, adjustable audio, a nightlight, personalisation, vibration alert and night mode. It can be used on computers, phones or tablets and is available for android and IOS devices. The app is coming soon to windows and chrome making it even more accessible to parents.

6. Keep Medical History app

Keeping track of medical history can be confusing and often the list of vaccinations and allergies are in a folder at home. This app helps you keep track of your child’s medical history, making it accessible to you on the move and at times when it is needed. It stores information such as blood group, vaccinations, allergies, diagnostic tests and results, medications as well as growth and development data.

We would love to hear about any apps which you would suggest to other mums! What do you think of our suggested apps? Are they on your go to list?

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