The Baby & Toddler Show, Bluewater April 2014
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The Baby & Toddler Show...

supported by Emma’s Diary, is the only place you will find unbeatable deals on so many top brands. Visit the North West Baby & Toddler Show in Manchester, the South East Baby & Toddler Show in Surrey or the Scottish Baby & Toddler Show in Glasgow.

Free facilities at the shows

A dedicated baby changing area and baby feeding area ensure a stress-free visit, keeping everyone happy.

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Health visitor facts, baby & toddler show

Health visitors

If you’re a new parent a health visitor is someone you might not have heard of or come across before, but what you will soon find out is that all new mums and babies are entitled to visits from a health visitor. This is a free service offered by the NHS so it is important for parents to know how to get the most out of their visits.