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About The Show

The Baby & Toddler Show Online offers the chance to shop safely from the comfort of your own home whilst saving lots of money on unbeatable deals from top brands like iCandy, Mamas & Papas, Silver Cross and Cybex. You’ll discover hundreds of unique and handy products you won’t find on the high street; can compare and buy everything in one place; watch product demos from the brand experts themselves and ask your questions live online.

Over 150 Brands

Find all the top brands as well as 100s of unique and useful products you won’t find on the high street

Best Prices Guaranteed

Save money with our best price guarantee on pushchairs, car seats & furniture from all the top brands

Expert Advice Workshops

Hear from expert speakers on subjects including birth, sleeping, nutrition, babywearing and more

Expert Demos & support

Watch product demos and ask the brands your questions online

Guaranteed Best Prices

Quinny | Stand: D45
Chicco | Stand: C55, C58
Pura | Stand: B10
Mamas & Papas | Stand: C65, C70
Snüz | Stand: C45
Sleepyhead | Stand: B70
Silver Cross | Stand: F25
Oyster | Stand: C90
Mima | Stand: A45
Mee-go | Stand: D55
Maxi Cosi
Joolz | Stand: B45
Ickle Bubba | Stand: H70, H80
iCandy | Stand: E50, E60
Egg | Stand: A90, B80
Cybex | Stand: D60
Cosatto | Stand: D80, D90
Chicco | Stand: B80
Bugaboo | Stand: G50, G60
MAM | Stand: D10

Get the latest news & advice

The Dirt On Nappy Recycling

It’s hardly a dirty secret, but many parents are unaware that used, disposable nappies can be recycled. Check out the latest blog from our new show partner, Pura, for more information on recycling nappies!

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Creating the Perfect Bedtime Routine

There is no such thing as a ‘bad sleeper’ – only a child who hasn’t yet learned how to sleep well. You need sleep. Your child needs sleep. Read the latest blog from Lauren at Little Sleep Stars on top tips to unlock your child’s sleep potential, using gentle, tailored techniques.

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How To Stay Safe In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is beyond exciting, but growing a baby can also be daunting! Check out our new show partner Pura latest blog which features a helpful guide to stay safe whilst pregnant.

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5 Top Tips for a Positive Birth

After having an incredible and positive birth experience herself, Anja Moncrieff became a hypnobirthing antenatal teacher. Read her top tips to make your own birth experience as positive as possible!

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Nappy Rash – All You Need To Know

Read our new show partner Pura blog feature on everything you need to know about nappy rash, top tips for dealing with it and future prevention!

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Toddler Tantrums – Why They’re A Good Thing

Toddler tantrums are not only common, they are actually a sign that your child is developing normally. So don’t panic! Read the latest blog post from our new show partner, Pura on why toddler tantrums are a good thing.

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Top Tips for Potty Training your Little One

Potty training can seem like a daunting task to tackle. With over 30 years of childcare experience, read Cheryl’s top tips and training techniques to help get your little ones using the potty!

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4 Brilliant Benefits of Breastfeeding

It’s World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August)! In support of this, check out our new show partner, Pura’s brilliant blog feature on the multitude of benefits that breastfeeding provides for both you and your baby.

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Creating a Practical and Comfortable Nursery for your Baby

Would you like to welcome your baby into a functional and comfortable nursery with a lot of pleasant surprises? Read top tips on creating a beautiful baby nursery that will take them to the moon and back!

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Tips to Survive Sleepless Nights as a New Parent

Babies bring great joy to our lives, but they can also bring sleepless nights, especially in the early days. Sleep experts from ‘Sleep Advisor’ share their top tips to tackle those restless nights at the beginning of parenthood.

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