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Online Show FAQs

1. Get all your essentials easily, simply and in one place

The show will be a super-easy experience, one that you can enjoy on your mobile, tablet or laptop. It’s hosted on an easy-to-use secure website – the Baby & Toddler Show Online Store, filled with incredible offers, show-exclusive filmed interviews and demos with 150+ makers and brands, Q&As with the experts and much more.

2. Why you still need your daily ticket

The show is split into two days so any questions you have can be answered quickly on the day you are joining us; you’ll receive instructions on how to join us by getting access to the Baby & Toddler Show Online Store. The deals and offers our makers and brands have arranged for us are one-off exclusives – unmatched anywhere else and only available over the weekend of the show. There’s a limit to the amount of stock each of them can sell at these special prices on each day of the show

3. You’ll browse and buy online just as you would at our events

Each exhibitor will have their own page on the Baby & Toddler Show Online Store, where you’ll find…

– Lovely videos and photos of their products
– Full details of their unbeatable show offers
– A direct link to add these to your basket

4. We’ve recorded some fab film content to add to the show experience

Our Online Show host Jess Cunningham, a mum of four and expecting again in the new year, has sat with the brands and makers to chat with them and ask them the questions you would have asked if you’d come along to one of our exhibitions. These are fun, short videos to give you expert extra info about what you might buy and to help make sure the products are just right for you.

5. There’s live Q&A with exhibitors all weekend

You’ll meet all our exhibitors – the makers and brands themselves – when you arrive at the show and can discuss and plan your purchases with them as you shop, asking the all-important questions to ensure you’re choosing just the products for you.

6. Can I plan my online visit in advance?

You will receive a handy Show Planner, which is easy to print if you prefer, to make it easier to shop, which lists our 100+ exhibitors and their product types.

7. So will I need to visit loads of separate stores online?

No, to match the unique benefit of being able to do all your shopping at the same time and ‘under one roof’, we have created the Baby & Toddler Show Store on Shopify (lots of other brands you buy from online use Shopify too). This houses all the products and offers in the show in one place, so you can fill your basket as you go and buy from us in one transaction via our Store.

8. How do orders then get processed if I’m buying off lots of separate companies? 

We’re operating as a marketplace seller, just like Notonthehighstreet.com or Etsy.com, so you will buy with us but your order, payment and ongoing relationship will then be passed straight on to each exhibitor you’ve purchased from, to fulfil immediately and be there for you for any support or queries afterwards

9. Our Partnership with Baby Planet

The exception on this is the big items from Baby Planet, the UK’s biggest independent nursery retailer, who we’ve been partnering with for eight years as our exclusive retailer on pushchairs, car seats and nursery furniture at our shows.

The Baby & Toddler Show Store powered by Baby Planet will be a second separate store for their items only. This is just to ensure you can contact Baby Planet directly after ordering if you need to, as they will have your order information instantly and we understand these are important and higher-priced purchases.

10. Just like our exhibitions, we recommend visiting with partner, family or friends

Plan to shop with us for a couple of hours next weekend and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. We’ve worked really hard to make this show experience just as valuable, interactive and fun as any of our exhibitions at our venues around the UK, and we know that visiting our shows together make them even more exciting and enjoyable!

We know that’s a lot of information to take in, so if you have any questions in the meantime please email athena@mercuryevents.com. On show open days, our team will all be online to help so just message us using our dedicated live chat function within the store and we’ll get straight back to you.

We look forward to seeing you online!

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