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5 different ways to reveal the sex of your baby at a baby shower

5 different ways to reveal the sex of your baby at a baby shower

One of the most exciting ways to let your loved ones know about the sex of your baby is to tell them at the baby shower or, as they are sometimes called, a gender reveal party! Whatever you want to call it, it’s a great way to get all of your friends and family together to share your precious news. No longer are people sending out a card, email, making a call or just telling you, they are thinking up of creative ways to break the news and heighten the suspense!

Here is our list of the top 5 ways to reveal the sex of your new baby:

1. Get painting! Not the nursery and not a pretty picture but your big baby bump! Get messy and use either a pink or blue (skin-friendly) paint. Wear a loose black T and don’t let anyone peak until you have everyone’s attention, then you can flash them your colourful baby bump. Ta dah!

2. At your baby shower you can put hints everyone, misleading or not. Choose songs that are about a girl or boy, only serve cupcakes with a blue or pink icing, read a poem that hints at the sex. You can get everyone to write down what they think at the end and reward those who figured it out!

3. The craze has swept America and now it’s coming over to the UK and we’re not talking loom bands but revealing the sex of your baby with coloured sponge inside a heavily iced cake. The popular idea is a great way to increase the suspense, have a party and eat lots of pink or blue cake!

You may be familiar with a fantastic YouTube clip of a young boy cutting the cake to find out he’ll be getting another sister…

4. A big favourite of ours is, after deciding to find out the sex at your ultra sound, to ask your nurse to write down the sex of the baby and put it in an envelope labelled ‘TOP SECRET’. You can do so many things with this tiny piece of paper such as sell it off to the highest bidder and use the money to get something for the baby or you could just torture your in laws!

5. This is for those who perhaps are a little more skilled in the kitchen and feel up for having a bit of fun! A great idea is to create fortune cookies which have the sex of the baby inside. After a lovely dinner or lunch, everyone will receive their fortune cookie and can break them all together to reveal the future.

Did you have a gender reveal party? What did you do to reveal the sex of your baby? Do you have any other suggestions on what expectant parents could do?

Images credit: YourBeautifulBump

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