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Expert Pregnancy Skincare Advice from Jan, founder of Motherlylove and former midwife

Expert Pregnancy Skincare Advice from Jan, founder of Motherlylove and former midwife

In my many years as a midwife, I found that women are right to be concerned about the skincare products they are putting on their skin, not only for themselves, but also for their unborn babies.

Today’s busy lifestyle can be stressful, for you, your baby and your skin.

When pregnant, your hormones bring about amazing changes to your body, hair, skin and almost every part of your body. When you are pregnant you want to feel calm and relaxed as well as look great right from the beginning of your pregnancy, up to birth and beyond.

How do I know which products are safe for me and my baby?

1. Firstly check the products you are using daily. See if they are suitable for pregnancy and your unique pregnancy skin. You should change your products to pregnancy friendly ones. Look for natural oils, as these will feed and nourish your skin, allowing your skin to give as your body changes. During pregnancy your cells are being replaced at an amazing speed, so keep moisturised to keep that healthy glow.

2. Avoid mineral oils (such as petroleum based products or paraffin) as these won’t absorb into your skin and can leave an ‘oil slick’ on top. If the oil is not readily absorbed into the skin’s cells it cannot allow them to stretch as your baby grows.

3. It is not advisable for you to blend your own essential oils. Only use essential oils that are safe for pregnancy. The correct levels of essential oils need to be safely blended by a qualified midwife, aromatherapist or practitioner who understands the combinations of these powerful elements. Only then can you be confident that they are safe for you and your baby.

How can products help me when I am pregnant?

1. Use bath products that contain extra moisturising properties and are pH balanced. These should help maintain a healthy glow for pregnant skin. If you have dry skin moisturise after a bath, so your skin can be smooth and feel wonderfully soft.

2. When rubbing a product into your tummy, you can check on your baby’s movements as your baby grows and get to know your baby before the birth. If you notice an increase or decrease in your baby’s regular pattern of movement contact your midwife or maternity unit.

3. Feet and legs can get over heated and tired when pregnant. Many pregnant women have swollen ankles, restless legs and cramps. Massaging your feet and legs can help with all of these discomforts and can give you a lift, so you can cope better.

More Benefits

– Massage when pregnant can help muscular and joint pain.
– Using a massage oil in pregnancy can increase the bonding with a couple.
– Using a massage product before you go to bed can promote sleep by massaging the feet and legs or hands and arms.
– You can obtain information on how to massage when pregnant or seek out a practitioner who has been trained in pregnancy massage.

If you are worried at all speak to your midwife or doctor. They are always there for you.

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